I will never again let someone else use my computer.


Seriously. I was checking my Mails this morning before going to school. When I came back, about half a dozen error messages popped up right when Windows was loaded up. They came from a “software” called PC_Antispyware2010. At the same time, Windows moaned about not having found an Antivirus software, though it had one and it was activated.

Fuck. I hadn’t installed anything in about a week, this had to have been someone else.

This thing did nothing, except for giving annoying messages. And fucking up every single link in FireFox. I had to ask someone else on Steam Friends to copy me the link to a program that would delete this “software”.

Didn’t work on the first try, had to download another program, which didn’t work either. I ended up deleting every single malicious file myself.

TL;DR – Version:

Someone fucked up my PC. I fixed it and put a password on my account.

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