“Write a drawing program”

QBasic code

Eat THAT, IT teacher!

Hell yeah. Wait, in Java? Go fuck yourself.

Seriously, Java sucks. Why on earth do we need to use it? I’d rather draw a picture with my own damned hands. And if you know me, you know how much I hate that.

Instead, I fired up my old trusty C64 and made one in Basic.

Okay, that’s a lie. I don’t have a C64. Sadly. But I did write a drawing program in Basic. I mean, why not? Of course, I am not fulfilling the task this way but heck, neither are all the others – their programs are far away from working.

My fancy piece of software is kinda like the old CAD program we had back when I was a kid and DOS was still cool. You tell the computer which shape you would like, then the color and coordinates. All by keyboard, which allows drawing very accurately.

The software checks what button you pressed, for instance R for rectangle. Then it tells you to enter a color, whether it shall be filled and the coordinates.

So, a command for drawing a simple red rectangle is somewhat like this:

r r,1,32,32,64,64

There are only three different shapes actually, and to get, let’s say, half a circle you need to draw a full one and then a black rectangle over it.

For some reason I do not fully understand, I can not take a screenshot of the running program. I suppose it has to do with the changed screenmode to get a higher resolution and – unfortunately – forced full screen.

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