Is it you, Buntu?


And Ubuntu it is.

Alright, I’m stopping with the bad word jokes. For now. As you might or might not know, Ubuntu is one of the more popular Linux distributions. Well, as popular as a Linux can be.

If you haven’t formatted your hard disk and reinstalled Windows in a while, you know how sucky this Operating System can be. Or even if you just don’t turn off the machine for a few days in a row, Windows tends to become a real bitch to use.

My Windows hasn’t been reset for over a year now. It takes forever to load (even though I turn off all unneeded programs, processes etc. pretty often), every time I boot it tells me to install some hardware I do not even have. The Wi-Fi loses connection all the time, explorer.exe crashes when I open certain folders (among them my beloved Blender temporary folder) and so on and so forth.

I hate it. So I thought I might just as well go totally nerdy on my machine and install Linux. Again.

It’s not like I never had Linux before, I even had to use Knoppix for a few weeks while my notebook’s Hard Disk was dead, but neither Knoppix nor SuSE 10.0, which I had installed years ago, worked the way they were supposed to. Neither recognized my Wi-Fi adaptor, SuSE refused to play sounds.

When I formatted my windows partition the last time (a long, long time ago), I had to use an old Ubuntu 8.something LiveCD, because Windows refused to boot. I tried to access my hard drive, but it told me “nah, you can’t do that.” But at the same time it told me what I had to enter in the terminal. Sudo and so on, you know? And while I was copying files, I noticed that it actually did recognize my Wi-Fi adaptor and even the network.

So when my Windows started to get really shitty this time, instead of formatting, I created a new partition (since I did not want to lose my files) and installed a new version of Ubuntu which I had downloaded before (using a Torrent. If I had used, dunno, Firefox or something, the connection loss would have corrupted the file and so on.).

Well, the installation and such things can easily be described by a saying I have found on the internet:

“Every hen could install debian, if you only put enough grain on the return key.”

I did not have to install drivers or anything, which is basically what I always hated about installing Windows. It came with Firefox, it came with Office and installing my most beloved software – Blender – took only a few clicks.

Also, the OS itself prevents others from abusing it – for just about everything you have to enter my password: Accessing the old Windows partition, connecting to the Wi-Fi, installing or uninstalling software…

So far, I love Ubuntu. I do not regret having switched to open source software a long time ago, since now I do not have to get used to VLC, OpenOffice and such.

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