BioShock 2 – Early thoughts


“Early” as in “not finished yet”, not in “the game is new”. Because it isn’t. I know.

When I first played BioShock 2, my first impression was basically “Holy Fuck! I am back in Rapture!” And I was. As with the first game, the atmosphere is absolutely great. I also like the idea of having a drill, like the Bouncer Big Daddies do.

But there is one major disappointment:
The Little Sisters.
See, in BioShock, Little Sisters were easy business: Kill the Big Daddy and rescue the girl. (I never harvested a single one.) There is a part in the game where you have to escort a Sister and protect her while she is harvesting ADAM from corpses. Which is my least favourite part of the entire game.

Thing is, this escorting and protecting part, which I disliked so much, is basically all you do with Little Sisters in BioShock 2. You adopt them, lead them to corpses, let them harvest and while they do, kill anything that comes near her. When she is done, you pick her up and go to the next corpse. Then you go to the nearest vent and can finally rescue her. It fucking sucks.

Others than that, the game itself is a pretty good one. I don’t know much about the story yet and I think it can only be worse than BioShock’s story, but we’ll see.

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