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I actually have more than one thing to say – but I am too lazy to make more than one post about it.
So, here goes nothin’:

I was bored. So I made stuff. And then I made some more stuff. And then some more. This all lead to this:

Steampunk Wallpaper

This is a wallpaper, if you want it. 1680*1050, as are all my wallpapers. Because that is my resolution.
The poly count is something around 7.5 million in total, rendered for no less than 17 hours and 40 minutes. And it looks totally badass.

My Desktop

My current Desktop

That is what my desktop looks like now. The icon theme is custom, made by replacing file by file by file with some I downloaded off DeviantArt. Library or something.

Dead Space
I am not particularly brave. That is something I have no real problem with, but it does lead to certain odd situations. Most of which have nothing to do with this, so let’s get on with Dead Space:
I am afraid of this video game. I know it’s just a game but holy fuck, the atmosphere is denser than Jupiter’s. Meter by meter I make my way across this hallway, mere seconds after hitting a save spot, then I spot a crate which may hold treasures such as credits or ammunition for my plasma cutter (I am still in the first chapter). I go there, the light goes out. Noise. Alt-F4. I am chicken.
However, I have watched Dead Space: Downfall and just today bought Dead Space: Martyr, a prequel novel, which I expect to arrive either on saturday or monday.
I don’t really think I will ever finish the game. It’s scary.
But some of the death animations are awesome. So funny. Hehe.

Scribble II – The Search for Skill
I have released Scribble a little over a month ago – more accurately, on the evening of december 31st, making it one of the last 2010 releases whatsoever, if not the last – and immediately started working on a new game. Now, I am not really in the mood to type all the stuff down again that I already wrote on the ModDB-Profile… so, just follow the link. It’s the same as the last one. I don’t think I’ll make a new profile for the sequel.But I haven’t worked on it for over a week now. Just didn’t feel like doing it. But don’t worry. I took a far longer break in the first Scribble and still got it released.

Er... image?

That is a name up there. Yeah, really. An actual name. Of a character in a short story I wrote last sunday evening when I felt like it. Five pages in one sitting. That is odd, because the first time within years that I am able to write fluently is when I am literally writing about insanity. Because that is more or less what Carl is about.
The story is somewhat unique – at least for my usual style of writing – in that it does not have a narrator whatsoever. It is never established what exactly happens outside of a series of logs and diary entries. Sure, some details are mentioned, others outright explained, but most of it the reader has to put together himself. Which I would consider pretty awesome to read, had I not written it which means I already know everything that happens.


I know what you’re thinking. At least if you ever heard the name Slayer before.

No, this is about a certain song by Slayer.

It’s called “Dead Skin Mask”.

Now, think a moment. Where have I seen someone with a skin mask before? Hm… oh, yes! The Texas Chain Saw Massacre!

And right you are. A bit. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre was, just like Psycho, partly based on the real story of Ed Gein, who later got a movie that actually was called “Ed Gein”, but that is another story. Gein was pretty sick. Dug out corpses and cut them to pieces and murdered, I think, two people. So definitely less than either Leatherface of Norman Bates, but what he did to those corpses is just too sick.

The song at first doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Gein in particular. But somewhere near the end there is a female voice heard in the background. Upon listening to the song once or twice more, you might be able to understand what she says. Things like “Hello, Mr. Gein? Let me out here, Mr. Gein! I don’t wanna play anymore, Mr. Gein! Mr. Gein, it’s not funny anymore! Let me out of here, Mr. Gein! LET ME OUT!”

And this is mad. Sure, just what one would expect from a band singing about Josef Mengele, but even ignoring “Angel of Death”, Slayer still are fucking insane.

Not to mention that the choice of words imply that the trapped woman is in fact a young girl. Which, if I recall correctly, has no connection to Gein’s actual murders (since both women he shot were adults), which means Slayer made it up. That doesn’t really make it any better.

Once more Scribble


I told you I’d post a link soon as the page is up.
Here we go:

Scribble, again.



Scribble, in case you don’t remember, is one of my games. As with most of them, it was never released. But this time it’s different. Verily.

I recently resolved Wine issues that would prevent me from using GM (It would frequently crash with a DLL error) and therefore am back.

I also set up a ModDB-page for Scribble (as per usual under the full official title, Scribble(WT)) and put in a new enemy, a guy with a gun. The page should be unlocked and thus visible to the public soon (Will post a link to it then) and I will also continue drawing levels, so that Scribble(WT) may see a (late) 2010 release.

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I am currently working on some kind of operating system, running it inside my windows and got a quite nice something yet:

This is the first video, showing very basic support for sounds and images. Since then I entirely rewrote the complete OS, which resulted in the following video:

The name “Althors” is not something I willingly chose, it actually came up as a typo when I compressed the first video and saved it as Althors.avi. O and I are right next to each other, after all.

This version had only a single feature: Changing the background image. But you have to admit, it works great.

The yet last video, showing more features like an even less advanced image viewer (since I only gave this part a few minutes so I can say “It DOES display images!”), but a better music player and basic support for text files. Also, more background images to choose from, but that is secondary.

Changes since the last video:

  • Layout for the image viewer
  • Multiple text files can be opened at once
  • Multiple images can be opened at once
  • Images can be minimized and moved around the screen
  • Even more images to set as background

Multiple instances of the music player will NEVER be possible!

This is because the music player uses a total of five additional instances as buttons that move relatively to the player. If there were two or more instances of the player, it would definetely screw up the buttons. Also, it might fuck up the sound driver.

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Text based RPG


BASIC is a nice language. Easy to learn, yet powerful enough to make the IT teacher look stupid. My newest attempt to create something is a text based RPG coded in BASIC.

The basic (ahaha) concept is a simple RPG engine that could be used by others to create other simple RPGs. It’s not near being finished, as I just started it two days ago. It shows progress, though. This is the first video of the engine:

Not much. Everything that worked when this video was made was the menu, the help and the character creator.

In the meantime, the following has been done:

  • Traveling system
  • The first city
  • Some characters
  • Default lines for citizens
  • Fighting system concept

I will definetely continue developing this, as it is more fun than any other engine or programming language I tried. Honest.

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