This blog is rated F for “Fuck off”.


Or something of the likes.

There’s a law. Well, it’s not a law yet, but it totally wants to be one when it grows up. Or rather some dipshits with no sense for reality whatsoever want it to be a law. What it says is that – and I am not fucking kidding here – websites shall be given such a rating and measures are to be taken to prevent children to access those pages. I’m fairly certain this blog would obtain an 18+ rating – the highest one – because of the occasional use of swear words (yeah, right. Occasional. Haha.) and some… let’s say, graphic content. For the latter I can only give a single example, being a YouTube video showing the intro of Prototype, a game so violent it was never even released here.

Now, here’s the problem:

I ain’t gonna do it. I am not going to put any restrictions to my blog whatsoever. The law can say whatever it will. This law is bullshit anyways. Which, unfortunately, does not have any impact on it’s chances to become an actual law. Will people be pissed? Possibly. Will I care? Nope. If anyone even notices this fairly entirely unimportant blog, I may be fined. A fine which I will not pay. Then people will be pissed. Hell, if I am lucky I may even be summoned to court. That ought to be fun. After all, I do have rights. Some, at least. One of those rights is the right to have an opinion and express it in whatever way I fucking want. And this, this blog, is the way I chose to express my opinion. An opinion which does include a whole lot of swear words, most of which begin with “f” and have at least one “uck” in them. I am entitled to tell others what I think. There’s no restrictions on whom I may tell, an infant as well as a politician (the ones most likely to be pissed) or an eighty-five year old with Altzheimer’s. I insist on my right to think what I want and to tell people what I think. Because this is what makes the difference between a free human and a slave. I am not a slave, nor will I ever be.

I wish I could end this entry with those epic words, but I can’t, for the asshole in me insists on an insult. Fuck you, politics. Die in a fucking fire. You deserve no better, for you do not serve your people but want your people to serve you. This is not how it works.

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Is it you, Buntu?


And Ubuntu it is.

Alright, I’m stopping with the bad word jokes. For now. As you might or might not know, Ubuntu is one of the more popular Linux distributions. Well, as popular as a Linux can be.

If you haven’t formatted your hard disk and reinstalled Windows in a while, you know how sucky this Operating System can be. Or even if you just don’t turn off the machine for a few days in a row, Windows tends to become a real bitch to use.

My Windows hasn’t been reset for over a year now. It takes forever to load (even though I turn off all unneeded programs, processes etc. pretty often), every time I boot it tells me to install some hardware I do not even have. The Wi-Fi loses connection all the time, explorer.exe crashes when I open certain folders (among them my beloved Blender temporary folder) and so on and so forth.

I hate it. So I thought I might just as well go totally nerdy on my machine and install Linux. Again.

It’s not like I never had Linux before, I even had to use Knoppix for a few weeks while my notebook’s Hard Disk was dead, but neither Knoppix nor SuSE 10.0, which I had installed years ago, worked the way they were supposed to. Neither recognized my Wi-Fi adaptor, SuSE refused to play sounds.

When I formatted my windows partition the last time (a long, long time ago), I had to use an old Ubuntu 8.something LiveCD, because Windows refused to boot. I tried to access my hard drive, but it told me “nah, you can’t do that.” But at the same time it told me what I had to enter in the terminal. Sudo and so on, you know? And while I was copying files, I noticed that it actually did recognize my Wi-Fi adaptor and even the network.

So when my Windows started to get really shitty this time, instead of formatting, I created a new partition (since I did not want to lose my files) and installed a new version of Ubuntu which I had downloaded before (using a Torrent. If I had used, dunno, Firefox or something, the connection loss would have corrupted the file and so on.).

Well, the installation and such things can easily be described by a saying I have found on the internet:

“Every hen could install debian, if you only put enough grain on the return key.”

I did not have to install drivers or anything, which is basically what I always hated about installing Windows. It came with Firefox, it came with Office and installing my most beloved software – Blender – took only a few clicks.

Also, the OS itself prevents others from abusing it – for just about everything you have to enter my password: Accessing the old Windows partition, connecting to the Wi-Fi, installing or uninstalling software…

So far, I love Ubuntu. I do not regret having switched to open source software a long time ago, since now I do not have to get used to VLC, OpenOffice and such.

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I will never again let someone else use my computer.


Seriously. I was checking my Mails this morning before going to school. When I came back, about half a dozen error messages popped up right when Windows was loaded up. They came from a “software” called PC_Antispyware2010. At the same time, Windows moaned about not having found an Antivirus software, though it had one and it was activated.

Fuck. I hadn’t installed anything in about a week, this had to have been someone else.

This thing did nothing, except for giving annoying messages. And fucking up every single link in FireFox. I had to ask someone else on Steam Friends to copy me the link to a program that would delete this “software”.

Didn’t work on the first try, had to download another program, which didn’t work either. I ended up deleting every single malicious file myself.

TL;DR – Version:

Someone fucked up my PC. I fixed it and put a password on my account.

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Damn You, Tube!


My internet ain’t the fastest. Usually, this is not a problem, neither for surfing nor playing On-Line, I get a latency of about 30 to 60 when I’m lucky. My maximum download speed is somewhere at 105 KB/S. My upload doesn’t go higher than 12 KB/S, no matter what I do. So when uploading a video to YouTube that is not in shitty quality, it does take it’s time. Over an hour for a 50 MB video file. I have no problem with this, either. The problem is: WHY DOES IT NOT RECOGNIZE WHEN THE UPLOAD IS DONE? The video I was uploading was finished for, like, five minutes (saying 0:00 minutes remaining) until it realized it was uploaded successful. Actually, this was when I finished the bold-type-sentence. I thought there was some kind of error. And uploading it again would take another hour.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the uploader having a progress bar and estimated time amount, but they should probably improve the calculation. As I am writing this, the video is processing. Will post the video later.

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Video Game Prohibition


Being German is so adorable. The prejudice about being a Nazi, politicians are trying to censor the internet and best of all: They want to forbid action games. Yay! Awesome! Wait. Fuck. They all insist on their point of view, disregarding facts. Video games make people agressive, video games make students go postal, video games are bad. They have to be forbidden to protect children.


As a matter of fact, most shooter games are for people aged eighteen and above, which means children shouldn’t be playing them in the first place. The problem is not the game itself but the dickhead who gives it to a minor.

It is proven that video games do not influence the agression of the gamer in a negative way, unless he’s mentally instable.

Now, one thing that the politicians just don’t want to realize:

Video games do not resemble real life action. You do not learn to shoot from playing video games.

Everyone who went postal somehow got access to guns. This is where to start: Don’t let them have guns. I’m not saying that guns should be prohibited, I’m saying that access to them is too easy. In Germany, though it’s even way easier in the United States of America.

If the ones who attempt to do a school shooting had no guns and couldn’t possibly get any, none of it would have happened.

If everyone who plays first person shooters such as Counter-Strike is a crazed gunman, almost every (male) teenager is.

It’s an insult to every gamer in the world. Politicians should be glad we only kill these little polygon people rather than real men in the real world. But no – video games make people violent. Easy to say, now nobody has to blame the families or friends or the ones who were definetely not the friends (I mean those who are probably dead after the shooting anyways). Video games don’t answer “Are you insane? How could I somehow have anything to do with that?”

Gamers are voters, too. The politicians don’t make themselves new friends with this.

Now I’m feeling better.

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