I am currently working on some kind of operating system, running it inside my windows and got a quite nice something yet:

This is the first video, showing very basic support for sounds and images. Since then I entirely rewrote the complete OS, which resulted in the following video:

The name “Althors” is not something I willingly chose, it actually came up as a typo when I compressed the first video and saved it as Althors.avi. O and I are right next to each other, after all.

This version had only a single feature: Changing the background image. But you have to admit, it works great.

The yet last video, showing more features like an even less advanced image viewer (since I only gave this part a few minutes so I can say “It DOES display images!”), but a better music player and basic support for text files. Also, more background images to choose from, but that is secondary.

Changes since the last video:

  • Layout for the image viewer
  • Multiple text files can be opened at once
  • Multiple images can be opened at once
  • Images can be minimized and moved around the screen
  • Even more images to set as background

Multiple instances of the music player will NEVER be possible!

This is because the music player uses a total of five additional instances as buttons that move relatively to the player. If there were two or more instances of the player, it would definetely screw up the buttons. Also, it might fuck up the sound driver.

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