This blog is rated F for “Fuck off”.


Or something of the likes.

There’s a law. Well, it’s not a law yet, but it totally wants to be one when it grows up. Or rather some dipshits with no sense for reality whatsoever want it to be a law. What it says is that – and I am not fucking kidding here – websites shall be given such a rating and measures are to be taken to prevent children to access those pages. I’m fairly certain this blog would obtain an 18+ rating – the highest one – because of the occasional use of swear words (yeah, right. Occasional. Haha.) and some… let’s say, graphic content. For the latter I can only give a single example, being a YouTube video showing the intro of Prototype, a game so violent it was never even released here.

Now, here’s the problem:

I ain’t gonna do it. I am not going to put any restrictions to my blog whatsoever. The law can say whatever it will. This law is bullshit anyways. Which, unfortunately, does not have any impact on it’s chances to become an actual law. Will people be pissed? Possibly. Will I care? Nope. If anyone even notices this fairly entirely unimportant blog, I may be fined. A fine which I will not pay. Then people will be pissed. Hell, if I am lucky I may even be summoned to court. That ought to be fun. After all, I do have rights. Some, at least. One of those rights is the right to have an opinion and express it in whatever way I fucking want. And this, this blog, is the way I chose to express my opinion. An opinion which does include a whole lot of swear words, most of which begin with “f” and have at least one “uck” in them. I am entitled to tell others what I think. There’s no restrictions on whom I may tell, an infant as well as a politician (the ones most likely to be pissed) or an eighty-five year old with Altzheimer’s. I insist on my right to think what I want and to tell people what I think. Because this is what makes the difference between a free human and a slave. I am not a slave, nor will I ever be.

I wish I could end this entry with those epic words, but I can’t, for the asshole in me insists on an insult. Fuck you, politics. Die in a fucking fire. You deserve no better, for you do not serve your people but want your people to serve you. This is not how it works.

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