Pro•to•type – Synonym for “Awesome”


Prototype sounds like the name of a band you would not even want to know. Actually it is a band name, but this is not what I am talking about.

Prototype is probably the most violent video game ever developed. And I am dead serious about it. Whereas the graphics (at least on my machine) don’t appear to be that stunning, the detail on the city and the possibility to go virtually anywhere are badass. The abilities the protagonist develops look creepy and are deadly. Tearing enemies apart is something he does while having breakfast on a motorbike. Metaphorically speaking, as far as I know you can not ride motorbikes (and actually I have not seen any yet). You can throw cars, though. Prototype plays like a mix of Hitman (go unnoticed as far as possible), Mirror’s Edge (Up the wall and across the street over a hundred metres high) and that Wolverine game that was released recently I never played.

I was surprised how good the performance was on my not as new as I wish computer (little more than a year old). According to the minimum requirements I wouldn’t be able to play it at all, but it turned out it runs smooth on 1024*768 at maxed settings. But it does not look like maxed settings. However. Still a lot of fun.

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